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On the Verge


Choreography: Shannon Gillen

Costume design & realization : Zane Kealey

Assistants to the choreographer: Jason Reese Cianciulli, Kiley Dolaway

Music: Lorelei Ensemble

Composers: David Lang & Mary Montgomery Koppel

Duration: 13minutes, 4 dancers

Commissioned by Boston Dance Theater 2019


Accompanied by the nationally acclaimed voices of Boston’s own all-woman vocal group the Lorelei Ensemble, Shannon Gillen’s newly commissioned work for Boston Dance Theater "On the Verge” hones in on four divergent voices. Gillen blends her interest in the theatrical devices of cinematic with physical, risk-taking choreography. In "On the Verge" Gillen creates a temporal landscape that is at once full-bodied and reflective of womanhood.

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