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Choreographers: Rosie Herrera, Rena Butler,

Karole Armitage, and Jessie Jeanne Stinnett

Available Year-round 

75 Minutes Long

Master Works

"By consistently making (these kinds of) savvy curatorial choices—and pulling them off with finesse—BDT’s quickly grown into a company with appeal far beyond Boston’s city limits." —Jennifer Stahl, Dance Magazine 2021 "25 To Watch"

Pinnacle Works

“Boston Dance Theater’s intriguing new work confirms the company’s here to stay”—Boston Magazine

Choreographers: Itzik Galili, Marco Goecke, and Alessandro Sousa Pereira

Available Starting Spring 2024

75 Minutes Long

Dynamic Works

Memories & Other Dynamic Works

“Some of the best contemporary dance the nation has to offer”—WBUR

Choreographers: Itzik Galili, Shannon Gillen, Micaela Taylor, Yue Yin, and Marco Goecke

Available Starting Fall 2023

91 Minutes Long



"We heard from several audience members that they were moved to tears and inspired to take more personal action around climate change after seeing these performances, and we know that the ripple effect of each such experience cannot be underestimated." —Beryl Jolly, Vice President of Culture, The Trustees speaking about SURGE East Boston Fellowship Performances in July 2022

Choreographer: Jessie Jeanne Stinnett

Available May-August

90 Minutes Long

Strong Women of Today

“New Repertory Dance Company is Catching on with Local Audiences… This combination of relevance and innovative style are early hallmarks of Boston Dance Theater.”—Salem Press

Strong Womn of Today

Choreographers: Sidra Bell, Rena Butler, Rosie Herrera, Micaela Taylor, and Yue Yin

Available Starting Spring 2024

85 Minutes Long

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Exclusive Tour Representation:
(570) 258-5700

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