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Boston Dance Theater (BDT) seeks versatile dance artists with strong technical, creative, and performance abilities for full time contracts for the 2025/26 season with an anticipated January 1, 2025 start date.

BDT has openings for Core Member contracted positions within the company. BDT supports artists through a full time contract including regional, national, and international touring opportunities. Core member positions are salaried (informed by the MIT Living Wage Calculator for Boston Metropolitan Area) and come with health, vision, and dental benefit package options. All dancers rehearse Monday-Friday for 25+ hours per week. Black, Asian, Pacific Islanders, Indigenous American, and Latinx artists are highly encouraged to register.

At this audition BDT will consider candidates for the following positions:


  • The qualifications for this position include: the artist being 30+ years of age with 7+ years of professional performing experience at soloist level roles

  • The responsibilities for this position include: Rehearsal assisting, Leading company class, Trainee Program coaching, Serving as artist representative on the board, and administrative tasks.

  • Yearly salary: $60,000


  • The qualifications for this position include: the artist being between ages 23-30 with 4+ years of professional performing experience and post secondary education (or similar training).

  • The responsibilities for this position include: Occasional Leading company class, Occasional Trainee program coaching, and administrative tasks

  • Yearly Salary: $45,000​

At this audition, BDT will also consider artists to join the Trainee Program with a September 1, 2025 start date:


  • Boston Dance Theater Trainee Program bridges the gap between a dancer’s formative training and professional or collegiate pursuits. BDT’s philosophy and process stretches the self-imposed limits of developing artists both physically and mentally as performers and co-creators, emboldening them to fearlessly take their place in the 21st century dance landscape.

  • The Trainee Program is a full time, 11-month educational experience that is immersive and designed for pre-professional dancers aged 17-24 who aspire to join a professional dance company and want to take a gap year between high school or college and entering the professional world. The year consists of 3 trimesters during which trainees take company class, rehearse, perform, create, and teach alongside BDT’s main company.

BDT’s 2025/26 repertory includes work by Karole Armitage, Rena Butler, Rosie Herrera, Alessandro Sousa Pereira, Jessie Jeanne Stinnett, Marco Goecke, Micaela Taylor, Yin Yue, Roya Carreras, and Itzik Galili. Dancers should familiarize themselves with the work of these choreographers in advance of the audition.

Interested dancers are encouraged to apply for BDT’s Summer Immersion Project (August 26-30) to gain more experience with the company’s artistic process prior to the audition. SIP Applications are being accepted until: July 31, 2024 at 11:59PM EST.


Boston Dance Theater is committed to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion for all. As we seek to build the most complementary team when it comes to skill, perspective, and experience, we strongly encourage candidates from underrepresented communities to apply.


WHEN: August 30, 2024 - 9:30AM-11:30AM

Registration begins at 9:00AM

WHERE: Northeast Arts - 85 Seaverns Ave, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

No application fee​


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