2021 Open Call for Choreographers

























Guest choreographer Micaela Taylor rehearses with BDT Core Members Gabriela M. Amy-Moreno with Tahimy Miranda in the background.




Boston-based contemporary dance company Boston Dance Theater (BDT) announces an open call for submissions from Massachusetts based choreographers. The company will identify a choreographer from the pool of applicants who will have an opportunity to create an original work on BDT Trainee dancers during BDT’s 2021 spring/summer season. The commissioned work will be performed in a virtual setting as part of the Trainee Program Observation Week. The selected choreographer will participate in an intensive-format residency. During the residency, the selected choreographer will be provided with 10 three-hour creative periods with the trainees to create, develop, and set new choreographic material. The chosen choreographer will receive an honorarium of $1000. The top three finalists will be showcased on BDT’s website and social media. 


BDT was included in Dance Magazine’s “25 To Watch” list  in January 2021 https://www.dancemagazine.com/25-to-watch-2021-2649251522.html.


Under the co-artistic direction of Jessie Jeanne Stinnett and award winning, Dutch-Israeli, choreographer Itzik Galili, BDT (https://www.bostondancetheater.com) is Boston’s first contemporary dance repertory company with international ties at the leadership level. With a commitment to presenting works of socio-political relevance, BDT matches the talents of Boston-based dancers with those of acclaimed global choreographers, broadening the scope of contemporary dance practice and performance in our city. We have a commitment to commissioning local, national, and international dance choreographers to set original works on Boston-based dancers in an effort to strengthen the local dance economy. 



BDT is committed to working with artists of diverse experience and backgrounds, and will utilize this application process as a way to discover and help develop voices in dance. We invite choreographers to put forward a proposal for a new work for six women, highlighting a particular aspect of feminism and/or identity: directly or indirectly, in process or product.


The new work must:

  • Be 15 minutes in length

  • Be set on all current BDT Trainees

  • Be a completed work by the end of the residency period

  • Be rigorously researched through the body before and during the creative residency

  • Take risks choreographically and presentationally

  • Resonate with BDT’s mission and values: https://www.bostondancetheater.com/about-bdt

  • Embody values of rigour, relevance, audacity, and progressivity, opening up dialogue across cultural, social, and political boundaries

    • Commitment to using our work to promote positive change within ourselves and our audiences. 

    • Produce socially relevant pieces of dance performance.

    • Invite artists into creative dialogue that stems from a deeply human place.




  • Honorarium

  • 10 days of rehearsal time with dancers (27 hours total)

  • Presentation in a virtual setting

  • Professionally filmed video of the performed work



Applications open MARCH 9. Submissions deadline is APRIL 1 11:59pm EST.

To apply for consideration, choreographers must send:



  • Due to current travel restrictions recommended by the CDC, BDT is accepting submissions from choreographers who are based in Massachusetts only.

  • Boston Dance Theater is a pod and we are strictly adhering to all Massachusetts state health and safety restrictions for COVID-19 for current rehearsals and events, including: maintaining social distance, masks worn at all times. frequent handwashing, sanitation products are available for use, members are vigilant for symptoms and stay home if sick, members check temperature daily before entering the studio, frequent COVID-19 testing

  • It is our hope that the residency will take place in person, pending a thorough vetting process. 

  • Artist housing will not be provided.



Send any further questions to bostondancetheater@gmail.com


BDT Trainees: Carmen Rizzo, Claire Peoples, Carley Lund

January 2021


Photos by Jen Passios & Jessie Jeanne Stinnett