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Choreography by Rosie Herrera in collaboration with the performers

Music: Carol Kaye, Mel Carter, The Beach Boys, Barbra Striesand, Vikki Carr, David Axelrod, Arca

Duration: 23 minutes, 5 dancers

Costumes design and realization by Zane Kealey

Commissioned by Boston Dance Theater 2021


'Ofrenda' is the second work commissioned for BDT's Carol Kaye Project. While Cuban American choreographer Rosie Herrera has intentionally left her work with no official description, hallmarks of her playful yet spiritually resonant choreographic practice seep through via images of motherhood, desire, sacrifice, and ‘just getting on with it’. The longest section of the work is a solo in which the performer wears layers and layers of clothing which seem to take forever to remove, and to reveal what lies beneath.

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