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I had a thought


Choreography: Micaela Taylor

Assistant to the choreographer: Jessie Lee Thorne 

Music: Mika Vainio, Max Richter, Vazio 

Costume realization : Zane Kealey

Duration: 15 mins, 5 dancers

Commissioned by Boston Dance Theater 2019

“I had a thought” is inspired by the integrity of trying to stick with the task at hand, not allowing distractions to take you off course. To quote Joshua Rothman,  author for The New Yorker: “Like typing, Googling, and driving, distraction is now a universal competency. We’re all experts.” In her commission from Boston Dance Theater (BDT), choreographer Micaela Taylor creates a space for the artists of BDT to dig in and focus on the process of the work unfolding. This process is a direct response to our urbanized, high-tech, 21st century Western society which seems to be designed to distract us.

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