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Man of the Hour (excerpt)


Choreography, light and costume design: Itzik Galili

Costume realization : Peishan Zhu Stinnett

Assistant to the choreographer: Inbar Tanzer

Music: Henry Purcell

Duration: 15 minutes, 8 dancers

Supported by: Live Arts Boston, The Boston Foundation with support from the Barr Foundation

Conceived in 2015 as a co-production between the Israeli Opera and Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance, award winning choreographer Itzik Galili’s Man of the Hour is an evening length work for 8 men accompanied by a live operatic score by Henry Purcell. The BDT commission marks the first and only time that Man of the Hour (excerpt) has been set on a cast comprised exclusively of women, smashing socially accepted notions of physicality and igniting raw individuality at the brink of exhaustion in service of group power. This excerpt has been generously supported by the New England Foundation for the Arts and The Boston Foundation in partnership with The Barr Foundation.
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