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Choreography: Marco Goecke

Assistant to the choreographer: Ryan Lawrence

Music: Johnny Cash “Hurt“, ”When the man comes around“, ”We’ll meet again“

Lighting Design: Udo Haberland

Lighting Realization: Christopher Annas-Lee

Duration: 11 mins, 1 Performer

Costume: Marco Goecke

World Premiere at ARDT Dans Benefit Gala by Stuttgart Ballet, 2005

US Premiere by Boston Dance Theater at ICA Boston, Presented by Global Arts Live, May 2024.


Set to music by American music legend, Johnny Cash, Marco Goecke’s ‘Äffi’ follows a solo dancer through quintessential aesthetics found within Goecke’s choreography - quick, abrupt movements, darkness, and intense focus. In the words of Darrell Wood, ‘Äffi’ is “a strong emotional statement of longing, grief, searching.”

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