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If as If

Choreography: Itzik Galili

Assistant to the choreographer: Elisabeth Gibiat

Music: Aaron Jay Kernis

Lighting Design: Itzik Galili

Lighting Realization: Christopher Annas-Lee

Costume Design: Itzik Galili

Duration: 7 mins, 2 Performers

World Premiere, 2006

US Premiere by Boston Dance Theater at ICA Boston, Presented by Global Arts Live, May 2024


Choreographed to music by Pulitzer Prize and Grammy-Award winning composer Aaron Jay Kernis, ‘If as If’ was created as a response to Galili’s full length work, ‘Exile Within’. Exposing themes of longing, tenderness, and doubt, two dancers relay a story of the search for comfort and the refusal that often comes with it. Exile Within represents a personal struggle with body, mind, space, time, memory and history: “Is one the dark side, which the other refuses to see?”(Elisabeth Gibiat).

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