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Choreography: Alessandro Sousa Pereira

Music: Turkman Souljah

Lighting Design: Christopher Annas-Lee

Lighting Realization: Christopher Annas-Lee

Duration: 8 mins, 2 Performers

Costume Design: Alessandro Sousa Pereira

Commissioned by Boston Dance Theater, September 2022

World Premiere by Boston Dance Theater at ICA Boston, Presented by Global Arts Live, May 2024.


Awa is an explosively energetic duet created specifically for the artists of Boston Dance Theater. As with all of Pereira’s works, Awa is also an ode to the choreographer’s Brazilian roots in terms of steps, expression and music. At the same time, the duet holds a tenderness as the dancers move as two parts of one whole. The title refers to rivers of energy that flow as undercurrents within humanity. A recognition of another as belonging to the same species, separate and different, yet also the same.

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