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Delicate Blue

Choreography: Alessandro Sousa Pereira

Music: Hania Rani, Mikkel Konyher

Lighting Design: Christopher Annas-Lee

Lighting Realization: Christopher Annas-Lee

Duration: 20 mins, 6 Performers

Costume: Alessandro Sousa Pereira

Costume Realization: Sophia Baramidze

Mask Design/Realization: LROD

Commissioned by Boston Dance Theater, June 2023 

World Premiere by Boston Dance Theater at ICA Boston, Presented by Global Arts Live, May 2024.


“To see blue, we look at the sky. The Earth is blue when you look at it from the sky. Is blue a color in itself, or a matter of distance? Or a matter of great nostalgia? The unreachable is always blue.”

-Clarice Lispector


Alessandro Sousa Pereira’s Delicate Blue draws inspiration from the literature of Clarice Lispector, a Ukrainian-born Brazilian novelist whose innovative, idiosyncratic works explore themes of intimacy and introspection. Expressed through a vast vocabulary of gestures, and guided by feelings, the extremely physical dance work embodies movements of birds and their analogous movements in people. The choreography intersects issues of identity, acceptance, otherness, and diversity as members join, leave and create groups over the course of 20 minutes. ‘Delicate Blue’ is made possible through the generosity of Eric Klotch.

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