Immersion Projects


"[The Immersion Project] allowed me to work on myself as a choreographer, a dancer & as a person... I was put outside of my personal boundaries, practices, and habits physically, intellectually, and emotionally..."  -WIP 2018 Participant (Choreography focus)

"...i was challenged and it gave me insight on how much passion goes into this company."

SIP 2018 Participant (Performance focus)


"BDT created such a special and inclusive environment for us to explore and learn new ideas  and perspectives. I felt enabled to discover deeper parts of myself as an artist and human and for the I am so grateful!"

WIP 2019 Participant (Choreography focus)


The Summer (SIP), Winter (WIP), and Creation (CIP) Immersion Projects are designed as a rigorous training experiences for motivated dancers, ages 16 and older, within a professional contemporary dance company environment. During SIP, WIP, and CIP you will study, rehearse, create, and perform with co-artistic director Jessie Jeanne Stinnett and members of the company. All students will take daily class taught by current company members.

This year BDT is piloting the Creation Immersion Project (CIP), which is a 2 day workshop designed to invite dance practitioner-makers into creative process with co-artistic director Jessie Jeanne Stinnett and BDT core members. This year CIP will focus on the topic of climate change and its short and long term effects on the ocean and the Boston Harbor, informed by the research of Dr Larry Pratt (MIT, Woodshole Oceanic Institute). Daily sessions will comprise of in-studio research through scientifically-informed improvisation, learning and co-creating choreography, and engaging in discussions about how dance and science can work together to create meaningful dialogue with an audience. CIP will be co-hosted by the Boston Center for the Arts as part of Jessie's Boston Dancemakers Residency with BDT. 


Who Should Apply

Students and professionals ages 16 years and older who possess a strong technical background, a regular improvisation practice, and value somatic awareness. Applicants must also have an interest in expanding compositional expertise through advanced improvisational tasks, used to generate movement material. It is highly recommended that prospective participants research the choreographers whose works are part of the company's repertory before completing the letter of interest.

How to Apply


To express your interest in ​upcoming Immersion Projects please send a letter of interest to

Please state your:

  • Age

  • Current place of training (school, university) or employment (company, collective)

  • Styles or training and length of study of each discipline

  • Motivation for applying to the Immersion Project

  • Imagined beneficial outcomes of attending the Immersion Project, should you be accepted into the program

ROUND 2 (by invitation only)

Applicants will receive an invitation to provide the following supplemental materials for consideration:

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Headshot

  • Full-length dance shot

  • One-page (maximum) resumé

  • Video audition (YouTube or Vimeo links only): Your video audition should be a 60- to 90-second solo piece of self-generated choreography. This phrase work will be used as a springboard for skill building during our choreographic toolbox session. Applicants should be sure that their recordings are appropriately lit and are in focus.

​-->2020 WIP Round 2​ Supplementary Materials Form


WIP [choreography focus]

Hibernian Hall, Dudley Sq

CIP [research project]

Boston Center for the Arts, South End

SIP [repertory focus]

Hibernian Hall, Dudley Sq. 


WIP [choreography focus]

January 2-5, 2020

CIP [research project]

March 21-22, 2020

SIP [repertory focus]

July 6-17, 2020 (M-F)

Application Deadlines

WIP [choreography focus]

December 11, 2019

CIP [research project]

February 29, 2020

SIP [repertory focus]

June 15, 2020

Tuition & Fees

No application fee

WIP [choreography focus]

$360 (does not include meals or housing)

CIP [research project]

$150 (does not include meals or housing)

SIP [repertory focus]

Week 1: $450

Week 2: $450

Both weeks: $800  

(does not include meals or housing)

Faculty + Company


Sample Schedule

10:00-11:00 -- Daily Mindfulness + Somatic Practice

11:00-11:15 -- Short Break

11:15-1:15 -- Contemporary Technique

1:15-2:00 -- Lunch

2:00-5:00 -- Repertory + Workshop


Medford, MA USA 02155

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